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Run an Event

Running a FIRST    LEGO   League qualifier event is a great way to engage with your local FIRST community and broaden the reach of STEM programs in your area.



Teams, schools or organisations interested in hosting a FIRST LEGO League event must follow the steps below and ensure they can meet the key requirements.

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Who to contact

Angie Melville

FLL Program Coordinator

What do I need to run an event?

The first step towards hosting an event is viewing the Host Application below and reading all information provided in the document to ensure that you understand the requirements and expectations involved in hosting an event. Once you have understood the requirements and filled out the Host Application, please register your interest by completing the Qualifying Event Submission form linked below and attaching your Host Application form to this submission.

Each program has specific venue requirements for events, such as a certain amount of rooms needed for different event purposes including team pits, judging, robot games and a volunteer room. The team capacity for your event will be affected by the space available at your venue. This information is outlined in the Host Application provided above.

Event hosts are known as Tournament Directors (TDs) and will be required to attend training sessions in preparation for holding an event. These cover key information such as an overview of what you can expect by holding an event, the role of a Tournament Director, the number of volunteers and volunteer roles required and necessary FIRST Australia procedures for holding an event.

The success of an event relies on its pool of volunteers that assist in the set-up, operation and tear-down of the tournament. There are some key volunteer roles such as Head Referee and Judge Advisor that require experienced volunteers who have been participating in FIRST programs and training for several years, and an event cannot go ahead without them - more information is provided in the Host Application. Other volunteer roles can be filled by students aged 13+, mentors, parents, community members, industry professionals or experienced FIRST participants depending on the demands of the role. Tournament Directors must be prepared and able to recruit these volunteers and communicate key event information with them to ensure the smooth operation of the event.

The organisation and operation of your event will require the use of the tools and resources provided to you by FIRST Australia. These include key aspects to consider in the organisation of your event, as well as tools for the event day such as game timers and match schedule generators.

Tournament Directors are responsible for communicating specific event information with attending teams and volunteers. This includes the general layout of the venue for the event, as well as the event schedule, amenities, access and any other information relevant to your event.

It is crucial that Tournament Directors maintain contact with key FIRST staff and follow FIRST procedures during the organisation and operation of your event. Remember, we're here to help!

Any issues or enquiries throughout this process should be directed to the FLL Program Coordinator, Angie Melville (

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