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FIRST   Youth Protection Program


FIRST expects all adults and youth participating in its programs to conduct themselves following standards of behaviour that protect the safety and wellbeing of every team member. Adults should keep the best interests of children front of mind and remember that they are role models for the students participating in our programs.

This page provides a summary of the policies listed in the FIRST Youth Protection Program Guide. It is not comprehensive and does not include training elements provided in the official FIRST guide. Please refer to the above document for further detail.

Working with Children Check

In accordance with the official FIRST Youth Protection Program, all volunteers and mentors over the age of 18 are required to have a valid Working with Children Check or equivalent clearance for the state or territory in which you are volunteering or working. This is free of charge for most states. You can find Working with Children Check information for your state in the FAQs below.

Working with Vulnerable People Registration
Free for volunteers
Access Canberra
Working with Children Check
Age 18+ | Free for volunteers
Office of the Children's Guardian
Working with Children Clearance (Ochre Card)
$8 fee for volunteers
NT Police - SAFE NT
Blue Card
Please contact FIRST Australia:
Blue Card Services
Working with Children Check
Age 14+ | Free for volunteers
Department of Communities and Social Inclusion
Working with Vulnerable People Registration
Age 16+ | $21.36 fee for volunteers
Service Tasmania
Working with Children Check
Age 18+ | Free for volunteers
Service VIC
Working with Children Check
Age 18+ | $11 fee for volunteers
Department of Communities

FIRST    will strive to create an environment in which all participants can grow, learn and have fun with minimal risk of injury or harm.

FIRST will strive to inform everyone involved in its programs of its Youth Protection Program and related resources and provide assistance in meeting its standards.

FIRST will maintain a Youth Protection Program for the purpose of fulfilling its commitment to protecting youth.


Commitment to Protecting Youth

All participants in FIRST programs are expected to abide by the FIRST Code of Conduct.

Any adult working with a FIRST team who is aware of a violation of the Code of Conduct or violation of any youth protection requirements, or who is in doubt about whether a behaviour is appropriate, is required to immediately consult a lead coach/mentor (if a team lead coach/mentor is not the potential violator), the hosting school or organisation, local FIRST leadership or FIRST Youth Protection. 

The following behaviours ordinarily constitute violations: 

  • Engaging in an activity that endangers the safety, security or integrity of a youth participant; deliberately makes a child feel shame or humiliation; or demeans a youth, such as making threatening remarks or behaving in a manner that deliberately intimidates or frightens a child.

  • Engaging in personal exchanges such as phone calls, email, texting, social networking, etc. with a youth outside the context of team activities, educational matters or career concerns. A copy of written communications with a child should ordinarily be provided to a parent, guardian or second adult working with the team.

  • Engaging a youth participant in activities that are not related to the FIRST program, educational matters or career concerns; or spending personal time with a child outside of FIRST program activities (unless the adult is a family member or family friend).

  • Keeping any activities with a youth participant secret; encouraging a youth participant to keep any activities secret; or deliberately concealing activities from parents, guardians or other adults working with the team.

  • Making sexually explicit remarks; showing or displaying sexually explicit material; inappropriate physical exposure or contact; or using offensive language or gestures. 

  • Failing to follow the Communication and Reporting Requirements. 

Code of Conduct and Youth Protection Violations

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